Wherever I may Roam 1992 Foldout 12

vertigo england 92, gatefold sleeve w/ `jump in the fire` listed on the label (METAL 912). Signed by Jason, Kirk and Lars in silver and by Kirk in black in 1991. the b-side of this ep has a live medley of `last caress / am i evil? / battery` the 1st pressing lists `am i evil?` as being `no longer available on jump in the fire` i am unsure which came first but would suggest the jump in the fire` version was wrong and was later corrected the inner sleeve on this 12\” lists all the bands metallica played with in europe inbetween `84 & `92 \”danzig\” is listed for the entire `88 tour, \”danzig\” only played the english dates on that tour the support for the rest of the dates was \”queensryche\”