Metallica Capn’s of Krunch posters. 7 Versions

7 different versions of the Cap’s n chrunch posters:

These are artist proofs, extremely rare, signed and numbered edition of 70, and unique to the original signed/numbered edition of 5000 in 1995, as there are no screen printed band autographs on these proofs. There were 200 run with the orginal print run, with no signatures so the band could personally autograph them, they only signed the first 100 from the run of 5000, and these were kept out of the edition as artist’s proofs. The remaining 30 were found to have errors and were destroyed. 70 remain, these are now for sale as an Artist Proof Edition. Size: 17.5” wide by 22.5” tall. Mark DeVito (artist) has signed/numbered all 70 prints as “Artist Proof”

– nr 39 Fully signed by Metallica. 1st 100 were personally signed.

– nr 117 standard printed poster, lowest regular nr.

– nr 666 of the standards. Coolest nr and signed to me in person by the artist Mark deVito.

– nr 1 and 2 of 70 artist proofs.

– nr 70 of 70 artist proofs. Signed to me personally by Mark deVito.

– 1 mispressed poster

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