Metallica club MTV promotional Truck 1996 LOAD

As a promotion for the launch of Load album Metallica and MTV USA had a contest where five contest winners would have a large truck arrive at their homes. Inside four of the trucks there was a new Jeep and lots of Metallica goodies. In the fifth truck, as well as all of the other stuff, the band was sitting inside. Each of the contest winners opened the doors of the truck on camera to see what was inside. The one who had the band inside got to spend the day and night hanging out and playing a gig with Metallica in their hometown. The toy trucks were made shortly afterwards as a commemorative for the people involved in putting the contest together. TONY SMITH cannot find the exact number made but it was just a few dozen, not very many at all. TONY SMITH was given some to hand out to the band and crew that were there that day. ( About 12 people) TONY SMITH was left with three trucks after everyone else had one. TONY SMITH put these in my personal road case and forgot about them. A few months later (during the Load tour) TONY SMITH was looking for some items to get signed and give to a guest (TONY SMITH can\’t remember who). The truck was one of the things TONY SMITH took out of his road case and left it in the band dressing room to be signed. For some reason the guest didn\’t get the stuff (maybe he didn\’t show up after the show, it happens) So the stuff was put back in his road case after it had been signed. As far as TONY SMITH knows no-one else ever asked the band to sign their truck. At the end of that tour, as he always did, he emptied out the road case and sent the large boxes of stuff (some junk, some good stuff, lots of papers) to his house. I hope that gives a good idea of the history (and originality) of this toy truck.