1986, Metal Militia original Photo metallica, Photo

signed by James, Lars, Kirk and Jason (10×15). The photo that is from the 1987 metal militia biography is signed and taken in 1986 making it among the first and early Jason Newsted Metallica sigs. KJ said it was signed by all four band members (Hetfield, Ulrich, Newsted, Hammett) during Northwest leg of their \”Master of Puppets\” tour (Metal Church opening) between Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA.in 1986. Thus it is 1986 not 87. Photo was taken by Mark Weiss, from band\’s first professional photo shoot with Jason Newsted (band pictured near foggy, Bay Area location near Golden Gate Bridge. I aquired this photo from Metallica\’s former fan club president KJ Doughton who ran the band\’s Metal Militia fan club. ***Note*** This is the photograph used for the above 1987 fan club biography.