1987 metal militia fanpack, signed Photo’s

The full Metal Militia 1987 Fanclub pack, with 2 x photo fully signed (From KJ Doughton)

This first photo, included in fan club kits from the band’s original Oregon outpost, was also signed by all four members of the band (Hetfield, Ulrich, Newsted, and Hammett) in 1987. The autographs are AUTHENTIC, not stamped or printed!!! The full-color 8″ x 11′ pic features band in mid-air jump, with red band logo in upper right corner. There are three light creases in upper right corner of this pic.

The second photo is 8″ X 11″ full-color photo of METALLICA line-up Hetfield/Newsted/Ulrich/Hammett was signed by all four members in 1987 shortly after Jason Newsted joined band. This pic consists of four live photos and was issued in club packets issued from band’s original Oregon fan club. Pic is in Excellent condition.