Metallica meets Venom Boot Box!

Price: N/A 250


LIVE IN NÜRNBERG 1984, 7th February  

3 LP Box Set

Perfect, unplayed and dead mint condition

Numbered to 275 copies!!!

Venom meets Metallica  3 LP vinyl Box
Box includes :

the legendary one and only German gig from that tour on the 7th February 1984. Complete show of both bands! Great audience recording!
3 colored vinyls:

1st Lp on clear-black marbled vinyl

2nd LP on red-black marbled vinyl

3rd LP on grey marbled vinyl


And :

  1. High quality T-Shirt with the motive of the tour (large print, Din A3!)
  2. Reprint of the original signed tourposter (Din A1!).
  3. Laminated and numbered reprint of the original ticket.
  4. Two printed large foldout inserts with private and never shown pictures!  damn cult !!
  5. Insert with tracklist6. 2 black outdoor sticker (Din A5)7. Black high quality box with front sticker and numbered sticker on the back
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