1987, Lars Ulrich 1987 Metal Militia original, Letter

original sig 1987 metal militia fanclub sheet!!(From KJ Doughton) This original autograph from Lars Ulrich was used for the band\’s original, Oregon-based fan club. A \”printed\” autograph sheet included a small written message and signature from each band member (Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett, Newsted line-up) was included in a kit which also featured a folder, photos, and other band news. The autograph/message was written in the Spring of 1987, and says, \”Remember!! It\’s OK to say no to madle!! Lars Ulrich, full roar \’87.\” Written on mint green typing paper (8.5\” X 5.5\”), the autograph/message appears in black ink. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind discovery from the band\’s \”5.98 EP\” era. It comes with both a printed autograph sheet as it appeared in the fan club kit (white paper with black border, band logo, and fan club address; and red autographs/messages) and the original autographed message.