RAVEN Crash Bang Wallop 1982 12 Autographed Vinyl EP

Price: 100

This is an incredibly RARE Neat Records-issued 12\” 1982 EP by NWOBHM great RAVEN. Comprised of Mark Gallagher (guitars), John Gallagher (bass), and Rob \”Wacko\” Hunter on drums, the \”athletic rock\” power trio toured with METALLICA on their legendary \”Kill \’em All For One\” tour in the summer of 1983. The black vinyl is in excellent condition – seldom if ever played. The record\’s center label is white, with NEAT Records International logo in green, and remaining text in black. The record\’s cover is also in excellent condition – and as a plus, it\’s signed by two of three members (Rob hunter and Mark Gallagher). Front cover features three live band pics, band logo, and words CRASH, BANG, WALLOP at bottom – all on green background. Back cover, also green, features B & W group photos, track listings, and photos of other band releases. For NWOBHM enthusiasts, take note – this record was released by the same legendary indie metal company that spawned VENOM. This is the real deal and VERY hard to find.

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